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The Legal Firm Ranzi was founded in December 2017 from an idea of Giorgia Ranzi, attorney, and on the occasion of her investiture in Dubai as Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates.

The prestigious role as Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates was confirmed also for the year 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

The firm was born with the purpose to be a modern reality, advanced and dynamic in the variety of the Italian legal firms, always paying the greatest attention to the ethical and moral requirements of the Customers.

The firm, already before the end of the first year from its opening, was inserted into the network of the legal experts recommended by Global Law Expert; prestigious network of selected professionals at a world wide level.

To be able to grant a really high quality level, from the end of 2018, it was divided into three departments: litigation (bank / leasing); extrajudicial / international; legal custodies and delegate sales.

In the international relationships, it is specialized in GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) area and in particular it is able to follow transnational operations.

It was one of the first Legal Firm to get specialized in Islamic finance and therefore to realize commercial / bank / financial operations in compliance with the Shari’a.

The firm can count among the customers, bank groups, Italian and foreign big and middle dimensions companies.

To these companies the firm is able to supply complete assistance and consultation, assisting the customers in the different phases: contracts, assets evaluations, conduction of judicial, arbitration, mediation and negotiation proceedings, giving consultation for the internationalization of the company towards the GCC area.

Activity areas

Internationalization towards the United Arab Emirates

The firm is able to support the planning / evaluation of the different aspects involved in the process of internationalization of a company, identifying from time to time the winning legal strategies considering the single business choices.

Islamic finance

Consultation for the stipulation of operations linked to the islamic finance, so-called “Shari’a compliant”. Application of moral / ethical ideals in the finance and profit fields.

We will help you to identify judicial solutions which may combine religion and bank law.

Bank law and leasing

Resolution of problems connected to anatocism, usury, central credit register, leasing contracts, recovering of goods granted in finance lease.

Civil Law and processual civil law

Suits in front of all the courts.

Consultation about civil law (general practice)

Assistance in front of the judicial authorities.

Real estate law

Activity of judicial sales of real estates on behalf of the Court of Milan.
Activity of due diligence, negotiation and contracts for private sales.

Commercial and corporate law

Activity of consultation and due diligence for the foundation of companies, mergers, demergers and acquisitions. Contracts drafting.

Consultation and contracts drafting

Consultation and contacts drafting for real estate, corporate and bank operations.

Agency and franchising contracts

Contracts consultation and drafting, both national and international

Arbitration and mediation

Participation to national and international arbitration

Bankruptcy law and corporate crises

Judicial and extra-judicial assistance in bankruptcy proceedings and agreements with creditors.

Assistance in the proceedings for the settlement of the over-indebtedness crisis.

Charity projects

The firm is organized to support the judicial subjects in the developing of charity projects, both in the project and in the execution phases of the project itself.



The legal firm obtained the ISO 9001 certification which proves the procedure of internal regulation aimed at granting to the Customer the high quality of the services provided.


The firm in 2018 joined an international network of legal professionals.





The Legal Firm Ranzi won the prize as best Italian Legal Firm for the Islamic Finance for the year 2019.



Giorgia Ranzi

Degree cum laude at the University “Università del Sacro Cuore” in Milan in 2004.
Attorney since 2008.

She studied islamic finance at the London School of Islamic Finance with the Prof. Saftar Alam.

Since 2013 representative for the real estate sales for the Court of Milan.

Since 2017 Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates.

Specialized in civil, processual, contracts, real estate sales, bank, leasing and islamic finance law.

Member of UIA, Association Internationale des Avocats.

Is member from September 2019 of the ADR Commission of the Milan Bar Association; specialized in Arbitration.

Member of the Human Rights Commission of UIA.

Languages: Italian, German, English, Spanish and French.


Alfred Gschnitzer

Freelance lawyer since 2005, professional training as a mediator at the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano, Attorney at the Supreme Courts since 2017, owner of the law firm Studio Legale Gschnitzer & D’Allura with offices in Sterzing and Bolzano.
He furthered his law studies in the United Kingdom.
Specialized in economic law, administrative law (construction, urban planning), transport law, road and road accident law, bankruptcy law, civil liability law, inheritance law, debt collection, enforcement actions, mediation
Languages: Italian, German, English
Literature: “La personalità giuridica delle società commerciali in Italia e nel Regno Unito - una comparazione” (2002)

avv maxia

Maria Grazia Maxia

Freelance lawyer since 1983, former lecturer in civil and commercial law, owner of the law firm Studio Legale Maxia since 1987, with offices in Cagliari, Brussels and Milan executing judicial and extrajudicial activities in the field of civil law, international commercial law as well as copyright and entertainment law.
She carries out study, consultancy, contract drafting and company incorporation activities in the Real Estate and Property Business and in the Hotel Management Business particularly in Europe, South America, Central America, North Africa and the Middle East.
Since 1999 she is also involved in copyright and entertainment law as well as intellectual property law, mainly dealing with musical copyright and trademark and patent protection. She collaborates with the CIDE (European Documentation Centre in Italy) and is a member of the SIAE Supervisory Body (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) as well as President of the Federation of Authors.
She is specifically specialized in the drafting of contracts, e.g. international sales contracts, tendering contracts for public and private goods and services, business lease contracts as well as franchising, licensing, marketing and hotel management, agency and distribution contracts.
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French


Carmelo Musso

Graduated in Law at the University of Palermo.
Lawyer since 1992.
High Court Lawyer.
He co-founded the law firm “Legali Associati” in Palermo in 1997.
Specialized in agency relations (including international ones), he carries out his professional activity in this context through consultancy in the contractual phase and assistance – both out of court or in court - in the pathological phase of the relationship, as well as in conciliations with trade unions.
Speaker at conferences and seminars on the agency contract, also at the University of Palermo, he collaborated with important legal journals.



EAU: Which opportunities for the Italian companies
Milano, 29 May 2019

On 29th May in Milan was held the conference “EAU: Quali opportunità per le imprese italiane - EAU: Which opportunities for the Italian companies”, organized by Giorgia Ranzi Atty. as Representative of IICUAE, in cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates.

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