Ranzi Law Firm was founded in December 2017 by Giorgia Ranzi, a lawyer, on her appointment in Dubai as the Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates.

The prestigious role of Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates has been confirmed also for 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

The firm was founded with the aim of being a modern, advanced and dynamic entity within the Italian law firms.

The firm was included in the network of legal advisors recommended by Global Law Expert, a prestigious network of professionals selected worldwide, before the end of its first year of activity.

In late 2018, it has been divided into three departments to guarantee top-notch quality: Litigation (banking / leasing); Extrajudicial / Internationalization; Attachment and Delegated Sales;

The firm takes advantage of its initial experience in providing both out-of-court and in-court legal aid to companies and help them close new business.

As for international relations, it focuses on the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) area and is particularly qualified to follow transnational transactions.

It is one of the first legal firms in Italy to specialize in Islamic finance and therefore in building commercial / banking / financial transactions according to Sharia.

Clients of the firm include banking groups, medium- and large-sized companies, both foreign and Italian.

It provides full advice and assistance to these companies on various legal and corporate subjects, contracts, property law and management of judicial and arbitration proceedings, brokerage and negotiation, as well as advice on the internationalization of Italian companies in the GCC area.

Areas of activity

Investments in Arab Countries / Islamic Finance

The firm collaborates with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Arab countries, of which Ms. Ranzi is the representative.

Help on compliance with the requirements of local governments and free zones.

Ms. Ranzi has created a network of professionals in the Emirates since 2015, partly based on her role as a member of the UIA and the long-standing cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.

Islamic finance

Consultancy for the conclusion of transactions connected to the Islamic finance, that is “Sharia compliant”.

Banking law and leasing

Solving problems related to compound interest, usury, Italian Central Credit Register, leasing contracts, recovery of financially leased assets.

Civil Law and Laws of Civil Procedure

Litigation before all courts.

Advice on civil law (general practice)

Assistance before judicial authorities.

Property law

Activity of forced sale of properties on behalf of the Court of Milan.

Due diligence, negotiation and contractual activity in private sales.

Commercial and Company Law

Consulting and due diligence activities for incorporations, mergers, demergers and acquisitions of companies. Contract drafting.

Consulting and Drafting of Contracts

Consulting and drafting of contracts in property, corporate and banking matters.

Agency and Franchising Contracts

Consultancy and drafting of contracts also in the international field

Arbitration and brokerage

Participation in domestic and international arbitrations

Bankruptcy law and company crises

Out-of-court and in-court advice in bankruptcy and composition procedures.



The Law Firm has been certified to ISO 9001 standard, the evidence that the internal rules aimed at guaranteeing customers quality services have been proceduralized.


The Firm has joined an international network of legal professionals in late 2018.





Ranzi Law Firms has been chosen for the 10th Annual GLE Awards as the winner in the category – Islamic Finance Law Firm of the Year in Italy – 2019


Giorgia Ranzi

Graduated with honors from the Università del Sacro Cuore of Milan in 2004.

A lawyer since 2008.

Studied Islamic finance at the London School of Islamic Finance with Prof. Saftar Alam.

Has been appointed to sell properties for the Court of Milan since 2013.

Representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates since 2017.

Specializing in civil law, procedural law, contract law, law of property sales, banking law, leasing and Islamic finance.

Member of UIA, Association Internationale des Avocats.

Foreign languages: Italian, German, English, Spanish and French.


Angelo Manzini

Graduated in Law from the University of Pisa.
Registered in the Register of Trainee Lawyers of Milan since March 2017.
A former collaborator of Maria Settimi Law Firm since January 2016, specializing in property law and judicial custody.
Areas of activity: civil law and laws of civil procedure, commercial and corporate law, banking law, property law.
Foreign languages: Italian and English.

foto giulia 1

Giulia Brancato

Graduated in Law at the University of Milan, with a thesis in Civil Judgement Law.
As a recent graduate, she joins the execution and litigation team of the law firm Studio Legale Ranzi.
Expert in asset and property forfeiture law, land registry law and civil procedural law.
Languages: Italian and English


Silvia Bosco

Graduated in Law at the University of Teramo.
She became passionate about bankruptcy law following a training experience in the Bankruptcy Section of the Court of Teramo.
As a recent graduate, she completed her training contract at the law firm Studio Legale Ranzi.
Expert in bankruptcy law, commercial law and civil law.
Languages: Italian and English


Erika Tomasi

Received a Diploma in business studies in foreign languages in 2007.
Is the person responsible for the accounting and administrative part of the Firm.
Ten years of experience in her duties as a former collaborator of the Maria Settimi Law Firm
Languages: Italian and French.



Alfred Gschnitzer

Freelance lawyer since 2005, professional training as a mediator at the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano, Attorney at the Supreme Courts since 2017, owner of the law firm Studio Legale Gschnitzer & D’Allura with offices in Sterzing and Bolzano.
He furthered his law studies in the United Kingdom.
Specialized in economic law, administrative law (construction, urban planning), transport law, road and road accident law, bankruptcy law, civil liability law, inheritance law, debt collection, enforcement actions, mediation
Languages: Italian, German, English
Literature: “La personalità giuridica delle società commerciali in Italia e nel Regno Unito - una comparazione” (2002)

avv maxia

Maria Grazia Maxia

Freelance lawyer since 1983, former lecturer in civil and commercial law, owner of the law firm Studio Legale Maxia since 1987, with offices in Cagliari, Brussels and Milan executing judicial and extrajudicial activities in the field of civil law, international commercial law as well as copyright and entertainment law.
She carries out study, consultancy, contract drafting and company incorporation activities in the Real Estate and Property Business and in the Hotel Management Business particularly in Europe, South America, Central America, North Africa and the Middle East.
Since 1999 she is also involved in copyright and entertainment law as well as intellectual property law, mainly dealing with musical copyright and trademark and patent protection. She collaborates with the CIDE (European Documentation Centre in Italy) and is a member of the SIAE Supervisory Body (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) as well as President of the Federation of Authors.
She is specifically specialized in the drafting of contracts, e.g. international sales contracts, tendering contracts for public and private goods and services, business lease contracts as well as franchising, licensing, marketing and hotel management, agency and distribution contracts.
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French


Carmelo Musso

Graduated in Law at the University of Palermo.
Lawyer since 1992.
High Court Lawyer.
He co-founded the law firm “Legali Associati” in Palermo in 1997.
Specialized in agency relations (including international ones), he carries out his professional activity in this context through consultancy in the contractual phase and assistance – both out of court or in court - in the pathological phase of the relationship, as well as in conciliations with trade unions.
Speaker at conferences and seminars on the agency contract, also at the University of Palermo, he collaborated with important legal journals.


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